Zero Gravity Massage 2

Top Reasons why you should get a zero gravity

Sometimes, an effective massage is all you need to relieve the pain, stress and aches causing sleepless nights. Lately, zero gravity massages have been creating the entire buzz and for good reason. For those in the dark, zero gravity massages allow you to float in the air – just like astronauts – so as to relieve pressure from the body in uniform fashion via Novita. The emerging technology which was initially used by NASA to help astronauts cope with gravitational pressure is now trending as the most ideal massage technique and below, we take a look at valid reasons as to why this is the case.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage:

Corrects the spinal cord positioning – the main benefit of a zero gravity massage is it’s effective at eliminating pressure on the spine. Naturally, the human spine mimics an “S”, right before caving in to gravitational pressure to form a “C.” This physical change can lead to excruciating pains or even worse, permanent paralysis. A zero gravity massage chair corrects this by ensuring the user is perfectly positioned, to enhance the natural shape of the spine.

Effective back and neck relaxation – more often than not, we tend to stand or sit in a wrong position that later leads to back and neck problems. By eliminating gravity altogether, the zero gravity massage relieves all stress on muscles within the back and neck. Also, the fact that oxygen is sufficiently supplied during the process means that you benefit from optimal blood circulation – more comfy than a deep tissue neck massage if you ask me.

Enhances blood circulation – eliminating gravity, means the heart needs no effort to pump blood around the body. In a nutshell, the massage works at improving the heart’s blood pumping muscles and capabilities by giving it a much needed break. During the process, blood is easily circulated throughout the body without the heart having to do much.

The bottom line is zero gravity massages are quite helpful to the human body. Sure, these chairs certainly don’t come cheap, but you can never put a price on good health. They promote better health by using exclusive technology once meant for astronomical use only.